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Digital tools are good. There's nothing keeping them from being incredible.

The personal computer and the modern internet have led to a massive increase in the average person's ability to learn, communicate, and accomplish things. Despite this, I sometimes get annoyed with my electronics - a lot of the programs on my computer have parts that feel slow or unfinished; my phone's battery life isn't great (not to say anything about the apps on it); and many websites are frustrating to use. On top of that, it feels like there was no thought or care put into the interface or aesthetics of many of the products - analog or digital - I use daily. I’ve been learning about and messing with computers and design for upwards of a decade. It’s no surprise that many people seem annoyed at a minimum with digital products.

Opportunities are immense. There are millions of products to be created and perfected. Many organizations have a non-existent web presence, or worse, one that’s frustrating enough to be working against them.

Lavaform’s mission is to apply good design and technology to the digital world, and the products surrounding it, to make life better for everyone who engages with us and the things we create.

This can’t be done overnight. I’m one guy working under this banner with ambitions for future expansion and collaboration. For now, in the short-term, I’ll be keeping my head down, and continue working on parts of the Lavaform tech stack, thinking, and learning. In the slightly-longer-term, I intend to consult on brand and digital design, and begin building a team. The goal of this is to create a company and platform capable of delivering stellar products and services for the digital world.

Computers and the internet are cool, and they could be so much better. I want to make that happen.

Daniel Vinci


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